Chinese Sublistar Small DTG T-shirt Printing Machine

Single station, white and color output at the same time, realizing super first-class high-quality printing, only for stability


BG.A.P. Proprietary Technology 

This unique function uses the color of the T-shirt as a virtual coloring, thus minimizing the use of CMYK real inks and, above all, the white ink. This gives the T-shirt a much more natural appearance and touch, drastical­ly reducing the consumption and thickness of the ink layer on the fabric. 

sublistar printer


Exclusive COLORSHIFT function: 

Create color variations according to T-Shirt Back- ground:This function also allows you to remap the hue of certain images automatically, adapting it to the color of the T-shirt itself. 



Sublistar DTG Printer



Number of nozzles


Printing accuracy


Printing method

color, white

Printing speed


Equipment weight


Printing thickness


Printing size 


Print mode


Printing software

Power Plotter7

Graphic format

Tiff ,Jpg, Eps, Pdf, Png, AI, Psd

Voltage power supply

AC220/110 ±1050HZ-60HZ

Working environment

Temperature:20-28, humidity:35-65

Ink type

Paint ink

Machine size

1580mm*1480mm*620mm(Length * width * height)


DTG Printer

DTG Printer

DEVStudio DTG RIPmain feature:

*Color accuracy-What you see on the screen is what you get on the print.

*White mask generator-Easily create the white under- base to print on dark garments without depending on photo editing software programs.

*Cost calculator-Preview the ink cost before printing.

*Archive print jobs, review settings and costs, anytime.

*White density configuration- Adjust the quantity of white ink and achieve different effects on the same print.

*Color removal Function*Ease of use-Drag, drop and print; no special skills required.

*Supports all common image file formats (.tif, .gif,.jpeg, .png, .pdf).

*Compatible with both Mac OS and Windows

DTG Printer

DTG Pritner