China Quality Light T-shirt Heat Transfer Paper,Sublimation Printing Paper

- Faster dying times.
- Greater print speeds.
- Reduce excessive ink limits.
- Greater sublimation color release.
- Improved color gamut.
- Eliminate ghosting.
- Improved detail and resolution.
- Exceptional quality 75/95/100/120 gsm paper


1) adopt the microporous technology
2) High quality ink receiver layer
3) Good ink control and absorption
4)Adhesion good,no cockle
5) Suitable only for user with inkjet printer
6) Suitable for pigment &dye inks
7) Water-proof
8) Instant dry
9) Suitable for pyrograph & piezo technology

light t shirt transfer paper



  1. White or light color polyester fabric garment or sublimation blanks.For best results, use fabric with tight weave.

  2. Heat Press

  3. Parchment paper or a Teflon Sheet

1) Be sure to mirror or flip your image prior to printing.
2) Be sure to print on the bright white side of the paper.
3) Be sure to use Sublimation ink and sublimation transfer paper

2,HEAT PRESS Transferring

1) Preheat press to 375º - 400º F.
2) Press garment for 3-5 seconds to release moisture and remove wrinkles.
3) Place your printed image face down.
4) Use heat transfer tape to secure the paper on to the blank.
5) Place Teflon or Parchment paper sheet on top of the sublimation paper.
6) For fabric sublimations press at 400º for 35 seconds at medium pressure. For the iPhone
Cover press at 356° for 120 seconds with medium pressure.

7) When the time is finished open the press and quickly remove the transfer.

• Turn the garment inside out.  
• Wash in COLD water.  
• Use a mild detergent for best results.  
• Do not use bleach or bleach alternative detergents.  
• Remove the garment promptly from the washer. The color may bleed if left in the washer.
• Dry on LOW temperature.

light t shirt transfer paper

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