PET Heat Transfer Film Inkjet Printer for T-shirt Printing


1.Without edition, print fast, low cost, instant, low power to break the limitation of traditional production of color and printing, can print any type. 

2.Printing white+color composite process integration design, brunest fabrics printing cost reduction, improve the capacity.  

3. Machines have jump white function, can save more time to the user. 


Main Features:

1)Simple structure in linear type, easy in installation and maintenance.
2)Adopting advanced world famous brand components in pneumatic parts, electric parts and operation parts.
3)Automatic Printer and body frame in integrated design, save cost and labor.
4)Different print speed is not only suitable for industrial production,but also supplied to high quality printing needs.
5)Suits to eco solvent printing and sublimation printing.

6)If you use sublimation ink on this machine, it can make sublimation picture on fabric with the help of Heat transfer machine.

Inkjet printer

Use steps of transfer film:

Use paint ink, color first, then white ink, powder, pat to shake off the remaining powder, oven dry, rewind

Transfer conditions:

Time: 10 seconds

Temperature: 170 degrees

Humidity 60-70%

Membrane size 50, 60 cm, 1.2 m optional

Inkjet printer

The printer uses Montai software:

Printer: 60cm wide, 2 4720 print heads, one of which is colored and the other is white

Printing speed: 6~8 square meters/hour

Printer power: 500wDrying power: 1500w

Advantage:save costs:

Replace silk screen printing technology

Does not fade, washable, does not fall off

Inkjet printer