Full Cover Disposable Isolation Face Shield

You can stretch as per your size of the face. The people of all ages can get benefits to cover the nose, mouth, and eyes to erase the bad germs.


The intent of disposable face shields is to protect the face from potential hazards such as dust/dirt, debris, pathogens, sprays/fluids or chemicals. They are secured by an adjustable, soft, absorbent headband and are typically anti-fog, optically clear with low distortion. They are offered in full and half face length configurations and designed to be disposed of after use.

Disposable Shield


Main Features

It covered your entire face like the nose, mouth, and eyes.All the particles like germs, viruses, and bacteria could not cross it.The presence of an Anti-Virus sheet made according to the precautions.The option of Anti-Fog is also helpful if the weather changed.You can wear your glasses without any problem.You can clean it any time when you wanted at home with sanitizers.The material which is used to make it is of the best quality. Must See: Due To High Demand, We Accept Limited Orders, Hurry NowThese are the hidden features that will really attract you to get it without any delay.

Disposable Shield



It is composed of a mask that all the people are using in a daily routine but here is the addition of HD optical glass which is a real thing to make it different than the others.There are 4 main features in it like the Detachable Button, Elastic Bands, Clear Mask and Head Bands which must be in every mask.You can wear and remove it very easily. After washing it, there would not any scratch on it. The optical glass helped to see clear things.

Disposable Shield

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