Disposable Examination Lvory Latex Gloves - Powder Free, Textured, Non-Sterile

Style: F840

  • At 4 mils thick, these gloves deliver solid barrier protection against pathogens and many chemicals and cleaning solutions.
  • The gloves are powder free, so there is no residue to get in the way of your work. The polymer coating allows them to go on and off easily.
  • Sold 1000 pcs of disposable gloves per case, sizes available.


 Ivory Latex Exam Gloves

Few people know the ins and outs of disposable gloves as well as healthcare professionals.

Ivory Latex Exam Powder Free Disposable Gloves are a terrific choice for professionals in a variety of fields.

The fit is snug but not constricting, with less resistance that can cause hand fatigue. They go through an extended leaching process that makes them softer and reduces the amount of latex proteins.


Disposable Glove Anatomy: Material, Texture, and Thickness

Advantages of latexLatex is more elastic than nitrile or vinyl. It stretches as it hugs the contour of your hand to deliver the highest level of comfort in disposable gloves.

Textured gripTextured on the fingertips, fingers, and palm, so your grip will remain firm even when the gloves are wet.

The right thickness for the jobAt 4-mil thickness, these gloves deliver solid barrier protection against pathogens and many chemicals and cleaning solutions.

Designed for These Industries and Applications


Flexibility and tactile sensitivity are high, which means you'll always have the right level of touch for giving injections and changing bandages while still offering excellent barrier protection against bloodborne pathogens and bodily fluids.


These gloves are perfect for janitorial and sanitation applications, providing excellent barrier protection against environmental contaminants and water-soluble chemicals.


They come at a phenomenal value, so you needn’t wipe out the treasury to be well stocked. They also have dozens of other uses, from plumbing to food prep to home healthcare to dental to veterinary clinics.




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