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Wide Format Printer-What Should Be Noticed By New Users During Installation?

When installing a new wide format printer for the first time,users will inevitably encounter some troubles. Today I have summarized some precautions for installing a printer, hoping to help everyone.

Precautions and preparation before installation

1.The wide format inkjet printer is a large-format printing device that requires the manufacturer to ship the product at the time of purchase and then transport it to the work location used by the user. During the receiving process, the user should check the integrity of the machine's appearance packaging to prevent the printer from being damaged due to transportation.

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2.After opening the package before installing the digital inkjet printer, check whether the relevant accessories of the printer are complete, such as the drive CD, the software CD, the related vulnerable accessories, the installation kit, the wiring and other related accessories, and whether the list on the accessories list One to one.

3.Choose the installation environment for the printer, such as whether the power supply voltage of the printer workplace is stable, the room temperature and temperature of the workspace, and the air is unobstructed. Try to avoid placing the machine in a dusty place such as near the street. In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to the condition that the grounding wire is prepared in advance for the printer. For those who have the condition, it is recommended to equip the printer with the printer connected to the computer in advance and prepare the relevant power supply regulator for the printer. These are all for better stable printer workplace. Voltage, providing a quality working environment for the printer.

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Printer installation precautions

Place the relevant accessories and install the rack and the main unit according to the installation instructions. During the installation process, pay attention to the installation of each accessory and fix the relevant nails so that the machine does not shake after installation.

Connect and install the relevant ink cartridges, ink bags, ink tubes and nozzles according to the installation instructions.After the installation of the ink cartridge is completed, check whether the relevant ink supply line is properly connected, and add ink to the ink cartridge.After the completion, check the inkjet condition of the nozzle and perform the printing test. If it is normal, the digital printer installation is successful.