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The digital sublimation printer,how to maintain it in the dry autumn

Autumn is easy to dry season, and the requirements of the digital sublimation printer for humidity are very high. Especially for piezoelectric photo machines, it is necessary to do the maintenance work of the printer.

Digital Sublimation Printer

1.Pay attention to dust, anti-coagulation

In the autumn and winter season, if the room is relatively cold and too dry, it is best to cover a large thicker cloth on the printing machine.In particular, the paper feed port and the paper exit port are all covered, because the nozzle is in the printer, if it can ensure that the cold air does not enter the space inside the inkjet printer, the ink droplet on the print head can be prevented from solidifying, otherwise it is easy to cause plugging, resulting in a decline in the printing effect.

In addition, due to the working mode of the large format sublimation printer itself, where the printer is placed must be a horizontal plane. The tilting work not only affects the printing effect, but also slows down the working speed of the nozzle and damages the internal mechanical structure.

2.Pay attention to cleaning

Develop a good habit of  cleaning the inkjet printer regularly to keep the printer in good working condition.The outside of the printer can be wiped with a soft cloth dampened with water. The cleaning liquid must be a neutral substance such as water, never use alcohol.The interior should be wiped with a dry cloth as much as possible, and it should not be in contact with internal electronic components, mechanical devices, etc.

Sublimation Printer

3.Other considerations

At least once a week, the sublimation transfer printer needs to be warmed up at boot time and automatically cleans the nozzle. It can discharge the ink droplets originally attached to the nozzle to avoid blockage caused by long-term ink droplets staying on the nozzle.A nozzle inspection can effectively detect the use of the nozzle.

Open the top cover of the printer, you will see a relatively smooth iron in the printing machine, which is horizontally placed in the middle, known as the guide bar in the industry.There is lubricating oil on it, which is the track where the print head runs.Due to the cold weather in autumn and winter, the lubricating oil is easy to solidify. If the machine is not maintained during daily use, the dust will continue to invade the guide rod. When the time reaches the cold winter, it is likely to hit the head.If you want to avoid this situation, it is best to place a few drops of precision lubricant on the guide rod and try to remove any contamination left on the guide.