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Eco-Solvent Digital Printer-Application on Outdoor Car Stickers

The application of eco-solvent digital printers in outdoor car stickers is still very much. Outdoor car stickers can promote a wide range of products, in addition to food and beverage, household products and other industries, can also promote machinery, digital products and so on. Not only covers a wide range of people, but also has a strong visual impact, and the cost is relatively low, which is why so many people are willing to do car stickers.epson eco-solvent digital printer

An outdoor car sticker that uses inkjet digital printers for inkjet printing is a good propaganda medium. Outdoor car stickers are very cost-effective, and the coverage of the crowd is also very wide, can achieve a good publicity effect, and is now recommended by many inkjet printing advertising companies. In the application of high-performance piezoelectric printers, it is easy to operate, vivid in color, and easy to construct. It is widely used in outdoor advertising such as mobile media such as automobile subways, commercial billboards, as well as venues, window displays, building decoration and other fields. The inkjet printout of the car sticker, in order to obtain better quality results, it is necessary to select a high-quality printer to print the car sticker, in order to achieve good publicity.

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In addition, here I share some tips on how to use the eco-solvent printer to print car stickers, and causes and solutions for car stickers that are prone to arching during printer printing.

1.The sensitivity of the car sticker to moisture.

The base paper of single-sided PE, if the product storage environment is too different from the printing operation environment, it will easily absorb water or lose water, which will cause the bottom paper to arch when printing.

2.The car sticker product stays on the heated wide-format printer for too long, and the temperature setting in the product printing process is too high, resulting in inconsistent expansion ratio of the base paper and the mask. And the tension system of the printer is not adjusted, which is easy to cause arching problems when printing.

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Solution: Please remove the car sticker from the low temperature and place it in the printing operation environment for more than 24 hours, so that the car sticker can be in a stable state before the inkjet operation. The optimal printing temperature is 35 °C ~ 40 °C. Conditional users can pre-heat the product and then turn on the heating system to effectively avoid this phenomenon, adjust the tension system of the inkjet printer, and control the tension that is put in. Of course, the use of high-quality removable body stickers can effectively avoid the above phenomenon.