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Does six-color wide format sublimation printer waste more ink than four-color printer

Does a six-color wide format sublimation printer waste more ink than four-color printer? This is a concern for many people and this article will tell you.

What is a six-color printer? 

The six-color inkjet sublimation printer adopts a six-color printing scheme, which uses nozzles to spray various color patterns on special materials, such as C, M, Y, K, CL, ML (cyan, red, yellow, black, light blue, light red) combination of 6 colors of ink.Using sublimation foaming inkjet printing technology, six-color printing,the print speed up, high quality and the color more beautiful.To most suitable, wonderful and natural color transition is true, skin tone, soft color and metal texture.

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What is a four-color photo machine? 

The four-color printer uses a four-color printing scheme to print in three primary colors (yellow, red, blue) and black in subtractive color.

Some people will ask the four-color printer are composed of four colors (red, yellow, blue, black), and the six-color printer adds two colors (light blue, light red), is it unnecessary and waste the ink?

In fact, the answer is yes, not only does not waste ink, but the color printed is also very bright.The specific details should be understood from their working principle. We know that the four-color system relies entirely on the number of ink dots to express the level. In the bright and high-light parts, the number of ink dots is small, nd the gap between ink spots will be large, so the inkdots are clearly visible. so that when dealing with smoother images such as skin, sky, white clouds, metal, glass, etc., there will be spots and affect the effect.When using the six-color printing method with Lc light blue and Lm light red, the light blue and light red are used to express the level in the bright and high light  parts.The number of ink spots need not too small, the ink dot gap will be very small, and it is relatively light, so you can not see the ink spots, and the bright and high-light portions are rich in layers, and the real sense and the three-dimensional feeling are extremely strong.Another six-color scheme: add orange Or, green Gr. The six-color scheme conforms to the Pantone Hexachrome six-color hi-fi standard mode, which allows much larger gamut than the C, M, Y, and K modes.We often encounter images that are ejected without the vividness seen on the screen, especially purple and orange green, which is difficult to copy. Using the high-fidelity six-color printing mode, you can faithfully copy the screen.Color, for the photo machine to spray a richer and more accurate, bright colors to make a contribution.

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In addition, the six-color sublimation transfer printer did not increase in the quantity of ink, but only changed the combination of inks.