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Inkjet Sublimation Printer-Do You Know the Importance of Normal Power ON/OFF

After many users use the inkjet sublimation printer to complete the printing work, they often cut off the power of the printer without clicking the power button on the printer. Many people often don't know that these habits that are not taken for granted in daily print jobs have had a huge negative impact on printers.

Mutoh inkjet sublimation printer

Sublimation printers are not complicated to operate, but users still need to develop the habit of strictly following the instructions to complete the whole set of operations, especially to develop the correct switch machine habits. Let's talk about how to properly operate the printer's power on/off:

1.The sublimation inkjet printer is a relatively expensive and sophisticated instrument that must be made to work at its best when it is capable of printing beautiful large-format color images. The important condition for keeping it in the best printing state for a long time is to operate according to the chapter and be diligent in maintenance.

2.For the user, the switch is the simplest operation, but it is also the most important maintenance measure that needs attention. There are many control buttons on the printer panel, and there is also a power switch. The power switch is not directly connected to the external power supply, but controls the external power supply through its own related control.

Mutoh inkjet sublimation printer

3.Whenever the digital sublimation printer is turned on or off, system initialization is required. These initialization tasks include positioning and resetting the printhead and printing paper, detecting whether the top cover of the machine panel is closed, filling the ink nozzle of the ink cartridge, and automatically cleaning the spray head. When the power switch is turned on by the printer, the system can correctly position the nozzle and the printing paper after initialization, and the system automatically resets the nozzle and the printing paper after the system is turned off, which not