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Dye Sublimation Printer-How to Solve the Problem of Printing Ink Break?

When using a dye sublimation printer in daily life, people often encounter printer failures in the printing of ink, so how to solve the problem of broken ink? Here is a brief analysis for everyone, and some users who have encountered can refer to the troubleshooting to solve the problem of printer printing ink break.

To solve the problem of printing broken ink, you can find the cause and solve it by the following methods:

Roland dye sublimation printer

1, Printer cleaning effect is not good

The cleaning effect of sublimation dye printer is not good. The main performance is that there are always some broken inks in each cleaning, which are not fixed ink breaks. The ink absorption effect is not good, and the waste ink tube is not ink but a large amount of air bubbles. In the above situation, it is necessary to readjust the ink stack and the position of the ink stack cap to achieve a better cleaning effect. If a large amount of air bubbles appear in the waste ink tube during cleaning, it is proved that there is a gap between the ink stack cap and the shower head. Air leaks.

2, After a period of printing, there is a broken ink

In some cases, there are not many nozzles that break the ink in the sublimation printer. They only appear on one or a few colors. This phenomenon is mainly caused by large bubbles in the front of the ink cartridge or in the middle of the ink tube. It is necessary to check if there are a lot of bubbles in the middle of the ink tube.

dye sublimation printer

3, Problem of the blade sensor

After the digital sublimation printer is turned on, the ink stack clicks in one direction, and a continuous beep sounds, which may be caused by the blade sensor not detecting the flap or the blade sensor being damaged.

4, Ink bag leaks

When using the printer cleaning operation, the cleaning effect is very good every time, but once the printing starts, a certain color will be broken in a large area. Generally, if a printing is continued, a certain row of nozzles will completely break the ink. This situation is most likely caused by air leaks in the ink bag, and the interface between the copper sleeve and the O-ring needs to be checked. Also, if the ink-breaking orifice is at the edge of the nozzle, it is necessary to check whether the ink-cap and the nozzle are not completely matched, and the ink can be sucked up while cleaning, but the ink behind is broken due to insufficient supply.