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Digital Inkjet Printer-How to Solve Print Image Size Deviation Problem

Users who use digital inkjet printer can't avoid the problem that the actual size of the printed image is inconsistent with the original image. Why is this problem? How should we solve it? Here I will give you the following reasons. If users can pay more attention to these aspects, I believe that the quality of the images produced will definitely go up one level.

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1.Incorrect size of printed picture

The image size is incorrect. One is incorrect width and the other is incorrect length. If the width of the print is larger than the set width, it is possible that the raster is too tight. In this case, the tension of the grating needs to be adjusted. Loosen the screws at the grating plate and manually adjust the lower grating. Be careful to keep the grating clean. Wear clean silicone gloves when adjusting.

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2.Material selection

For outdoor printer, because outdoor images are hung outdoors for a long time, and often wind and rain, you want to make these images last for a long time in this harsh environment. The first requirement is definitely the need for good materials, so printer users are When choosing materials, don't be sloppy. You should choose high quality materials for use. What needs special attention here is the use of the light cloth material. Since the material of the light cloth has a certain thickness and is not flat, there is some degree of unevenness. Therefore, when used, the length of the light cloth is found to be short, so the printer user is When using, the material can be lengthened a little. The most suitable degree is 1.5M and the length isIncorrect print length nearly 2CM, so that the image can be matched with the normal size.

Epson digital inkjet printer

3.Incorrect print length

If the inkjet printer platen roller is not pressed, this will cause the paper feed speed to be slow, causing the print length to be smaller than the actual length. In this case, the lower platen roller needs to be adjusted; or the longitudinal axis may be inaccurate. In the middle of the ring, first press the auxiliary function menu → effect menu → drawing vertical axis → change the default value, the figure will increase the number when the picture is long, and the number will decrease when the picture is small.