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Why is the color transferred to sublimation paper different from on the computer?

The pattern printed on the sublimation paper by the sublimation printer is light, and after the sublimation transfer, the original color is restored, and the color is clear and vivid.There are often customer feedback that the sublimation printer prints the wrong color.Is the color after transfer different from the color in the computer?

If so, the reasons are manifold, usually:

We all have such experience: the same picture, viewed under different computer monitors, the color is different,  because different brands, different models of monitors output is not the same.First of all, you can adjust the parameters of your monitor to make calibration; the computer monitor reference standard of customer and factory are different. This is an electronic version of the situation.

In addition, even if you use the same printer, printing the same image under different software will cause different colors, so you should try to avoid drawing and printing out with severely distorted software.It is best not to change the settings on the printer. The standard is uniform for each print, so that it can be produced without error!

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In addition, you can check the working status of the printer nozzle before printing. If there is a disconnection when printing the test strip, then the problem of printing color will occur; these are all the problems of hardware!

In fact, print color cast is a part of the entire printing process, including inkjet  sublimation paper, printer ink, print heads, ICC profiles that come with the printer, and more.No color is wrong. With standard samples, we can adjust the ICC curve to achieve any color we need.ICC is a standard color management system that integrates the color cast problems caused by different color gamut ranges and different color and density balance curves.

However, we generally do not recommend customers to change ICC frequently, because of the wide gamut of natural optical colors, ICC is impossible to achieve the same color gamut. Before ICC is guaranteed to be unified, we can use Photoshop to adjust our pictures to be closer to the real sample, which is the most common treatment method, that is, color mixing.

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Finally, ink and sublimation transfer paper play an absolutely important role throughout the printing process. The transfer paper selects "the premise that the dye has low affinity, easy printing, and good transfer performance", especially in the case of high temperature, no coking, no brittleness and small shrinkage! Ink is a very strong product in the region. It is important to choose batch stability, especially high concentration and wide color gamut!