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Digital Sublimation Printer-What Should We do if the Nozzle is Clogging?

The print head of the digital sublimation printer is the most important part of the printer.If it is blocked due to improper use, it is easy to produce wear problems, or even have to replace the print head, which is undoubtedly an unnecessary expense.

Sublimation printer print head is most likely because using fake ink, or a long time without use, resulting in ink solidification, blocked jet orifice, or even lead to the whole print head scrapped.

Oric 1.6m digital sublimation printer

In our daily use of color inkjet printer process, if the printing time is long, it may encounter the phenomenon of nozzle blockage. The nozzle plane in direct contact with the printing medium is covered with many tiny round holes, which are connected with the nozzle inserted into the ink cartridge. From the nozzle to the nozzle and around the nozzle, strong adhesion of toner or impurities due to dryness are often retained. As long as these toner and impurities are removed, the printing head can return to normal printing function. Most of the print heads that appear to have been written off simply don't work because the holes are temporarily blocked.To restore its printing function, you onlu need to simply rinse it.

Oric 1.6m digital sublimation printer

For digital printer,lack of stroke or colour, or under the high resolution image fuzzy this slight clog, generally use the built-in printer nozzle cleaning procedures can solve it, it is also a method that staff need to frequently use and an aspect worth noticing. That found a lack of stroke or poor color such as slight nozzle blockage, should clean with cleaning procedures to early, this is the most simple and the best way to maintain.

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In the process of printing, the nozzle has been cleaned, but the printing effect is still poor or the nozzle is seriously blocked, you can only use the manual cleaning method. Manual cleaning method cleaning times should not be too much or too frequently.Adjust the printing car location, take off the ink cartridge, with a syringe will be bottled water into the ink cartridge, and then clean the print head, if there are residues, can use a knife to scrape the residue on the edge of the spray hole. The specific cleaning method in the previous article has been introduced, interested friends can click here to view the detailed cleaning.