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Sublimation Inkjet Paper-What Should We do if the Paper is Jammed?

Sublimation inkjet paper is the printing medium used for sublimation heat transfer printing process,and is one of the essential printing consumables. First,use the sublimation printer to print the pattern on the paper, in the use of heat transfer machine,print the pattern on the paper to the material, the sublimation process is completed.

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n the use of inkjet printer, the sublimation paper jams when feed paper, is a very headache problem, is also one of the most prone to faliure. So encountered a feeding paper problem, how should we solve?

Solve paper jam problem

A lot of times sublimation printing paper will jam is due to improper use. After the problem of paper jam occurs, first turn off the power of the printer, and then according to the situation of paper jam, decide whether to draw the paper from the outside or from the inside. This time to be particularly careful to prevent the paper left in the printer internal.

skyimage sublimation inkjet paper

How to avoid paper jam

In order to avoid printer jams, you should pay attention to the following aspects: Before printing, it is best to check whether the printer panel or the paper feed slot has a “PaperSizeSelector” switch, if any, select A4 or Letter according to the media size used, so that when the paper enters, it is not easy to skew and cause paper jam; the thickness of the paper should not be too thin or too thick; when adding paper to the paper feed slot, be sure to remove the original paper and make it together with the newly added paper. After tidying, put it back in the paper feed slot. This will prevent the printer from printing multiple sheets of paper at one time and causing paper jams. When paper is added, it will be scattered and then placed in the paper slot. This is to avoid paper They are stuck together by moisture or other factors, causing multiple sheets to be jammed together during paper feeding.