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Digital Sublimation Printer-Causes Analysis of Image Color Adhesion Decreased

The performance of digital sublimation printer will be affected by the humid environment. The most obvious performance is that if it hits rainy days, the printed pictures will have a wet feeling, and the adhesion of the image color on the paper will decrease. Therefore, we must do maintenance of the printer in wet weather. For the precautions for the use of wet weather printers, please share the following items:

Epson digital sublimation printer

1. The working environment of the sublimation digital printer should pay attention to the moisture-proof work, and close the vents such as doors and windows in the morning and evening to prevent the outside moisture from being sucked into the room.

2. The mainframe of the printer-related main unit should be covered to prevent the air from being wet and cause short circuit of the relevant circuit board and components.

3, the sublimation inkjet printer relevant printing media material storage should pay attention to moisture. The fast-drying sublimation paper used for printing is easy to absorb moisture and damp, and the wet printed material is liable to cause the ink to spread. Therefore, the printed material is returned to the original packaging after each use, and try not to touch the ground and the wall.

Epson digital sublimation printer

4. In a humid environment, the ink printed by the printer is slow to dry and requires a long wait. It is recommended that the user turn on the printer to print the heating function or turn on the printer-related drying device, which can speed up the drying of the image. In particular, when the user needs to laminate the screen, it is necessary to wait for the film to be completely dried and then pass through the film. If the film is immediately blurred, the surface may be blurred by a hair dryer or a heater.

Doing such precautions in wet weather and maintaining the wide format sublimation printer not only helps to improve work efficiency, but also helps to extend the life of the printer and improve print quality.