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Why is the Dye Sublimation Fabric Printer Print Head is Clogging?

When the dye sublimation fabric printer nozzle does not emit ink when printing, which causes the picture content to lack color, is usually called "nozzle clogging", which is the main factor affecting the picture quality and yield. Knowing the cause of the nozzle clogging helps to better understand the principle of machine printing, and also helps to improve the quality of the printed picture.

Epson dye sublimation fabric printer

The principle of the sublimation inkjet printer nozzle is quite similar to the pump of the bicycle we often use every day. The upper part of the pumping iron is the soul part of our nozzle---piezoelectric crystal. When you find that the pump is not out, it does not. There are two reasons: the gas path is not working or the pump iron is not working.

The nozzle is of course much more complicated than the pump, so the reasons for the "blocking" are also various, and there are roughly the following situations:

Epson dye sublimation fabric printer

1. The quality of the ink is not good. Sublimation digital printer uses special sublimation inks. If the particle diameter of the ink is large, the ink will not be smooth enough, and the nozzle may be clogged.

2. The sharp change in temperature and humidity caused damage to the nozzle and ink, and then caused the nozzle to become clogged.

3. The voltage of the dye sublimation printer nozzle will also affect the nozzle.

4. The effect of static electricity on the inkjet printer and ink.

5. The effect of cleaning methods on the nozzle. Here we recommend that you use a soft sponge or sponge to wipe the nozzle, do not use ordinary toilet paper, to avoid debris remaining on the nozzle.

6. The impact of work habits on the nozzle. For example, there should be no dirt or hard objects on the mouth of the vacuum cleaner to avoid scratching the nozzle when cleaning.