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Sublimation Inkjet Printer-Daily Maintenance of Ink Cartridge

When it comes to sublimation inkjet printer maintenance, we should first talk about ink cartridges. Ink cartridges are the most basic consumables of inkjet printers. Generally, inkjet printers are in color, so the types of conventional ink cartridges can be divided into “black and white”and “CMYK” two forms of ink cartridge. High-end printers use more than four colors, but most household printers are still two-color, and their maintenance methods are basically the same.

Oric sublimation inkjet printer

Whether it is a two-color or four-color cartridge,as long as there is no open ink cartridge stored in a cool place, there is a two-year shelf life; And have opened the ink cartridge remember not to take out from the sublimation printer, because the ink cartridge can be protected in the printer, a long time without the printer, to boot at least once or twice a week, if there is no printed content,we can print a test page, and then every half a month to execute the printer cleaning command once.

Oric sublimation inkjet printer

Maintenance of ink cartridge

1. An unopened ink cartridge

Most of the cartridge use sealed packaging when not in use,plus a seal, shelf life in 1 year and a half or even longer time.it should better to be placed in the normal temperature environment without sunshine.

2. An open cartridge

If there is an unused cartridge that has been replaced during use, it is better to find a sealed box and put the cartridge upright, but it should not be placed for too long, because this may cause the evaporation of ink or deterioration due to contact with air, resulting in a blockage of the nozzle, which also has a certain impact on the print head circuit.

Oric sublimation inkjet printer

Finally, I would like to remind you that if you often move the printer, it is best to leave the cartridge in the inkjet printer and fix it with tape, and correct it before use to improve the printing accuracy and printing quality, the general user is also best to do this operation after using 1 to 2 months.