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High Speed Sublimation Printer-Maintenance in Daily Use

High speed sublimation printer in daily use must pay attention to the maintenance of printer parts, and in accordance with the specification of printing operations. This will extend the life of the printer. Here are a few simple ways to maintain your printer on a daily basis.

Oric high speed sublimation printer

1.Try to avoid continuous printing time too long

It is easy to overheat the print head of the sublimation printer due to long printing time. On one hand, it will affect the service life of the nozzle of the printer; on the other hand, it will seriously affect the quality and precision of printing, and even make the nozzle useless. When printing color pictures, it is recommended to often change the picture, so as not to use a single color too fast, resulting in waste.

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2.Before shutdown, return the print head to its original position

Some printers automatically move the print head to the initial position before shutting down, and some printers must be paused for shutdown confirmation (i.e., when the PAUSE light or PAUSE light is on). This is to avoid the next boot when the digital sublimation printer to clean the print head operation again wasted ink; Second, the print head in the initial position can be sealed by the protective cover, so that the nozzle is not easy to plug.

Oric high speed sublimation printer

3.Change cartridge according to operation manual

Be sure to follow the steps in the operation manual when changing the cartridge, especially when the power is turned on. Because the high speed printer will refill the ink delivery system after the cartridge is replaced, this process will not be able to be carried out in the shutdown state, the printer can not detect the reinstalled cartridge.

In addition, some printers measure the ink capacity by using an internal electronic counter (especially in the statistics of the amount of colored ink). When the counter reaches a certain value, the printer judges that the ink is used up. During the cartridge replacement process, the printer will reset its internal electronic counter to confirm the installation of a new cartridge.