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Sublimation Paper Printer-Some Cautions in Sublimation Printing

Sublimation paper printer are widely used in our daily life,do you know what problems you need to pay attention to when using the printer?Today, I will let you know some cautions in printer use.

Oric sublimation paper printer

1.Make sure printer works on a firm horizontal surface.

Do not place anything on the top of the sublimation printer.The printer must close its front cover when printing, in order to prevent dust or other hard objects into the machine to hinder the movement of the printer car, causing unnecessary failure. If you open two cartridges at the same time (one black cartridge, one color cartridge), you should put one of the cartridges into a random gift cartridge. It is forbidden to plug and unplug the printing wire electriferous, which will damage the printer's printing port and the parallel port of PC, or even break through the motherboard of PC.

Oric sublimation paper printer

2.Keep the environment clean

Too much dust in digital inkjet printer environment is easy to lead to the word car guide shaft lubrication is not good, so that the movement of the print head in the printing process is blocked, resulting in the printing position is not accurate.

Sometimes, this kind of crash because the print head did not return to the initial position, when restarting, the printer first let the print head back to the initial position, and then the print crash will be cleaned, so causing unnecessary waste of ink. The solution to this problem is to wipe the dust off the guide shaft regularly and lubricate the guide shaft (choose a fluid lubricant such as sewing machine oil).

Oric sublimation paper printer

3.Automatic cleaning function

If the print output is not clear, streaks or other defects, the printer's automatic cleaning function can be used to clean the print head, but requires a small amount of ink consumption. If the printing is still unsatisfactory after several times of continuous cleaning, the ink may have run out and the cartridge needs to be replaced.