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High Speed Sublimation Printer-How Should the Ink Supply System Be Maintained?

Today, I will introduce how to maintain the sealability of the ink supply system in the use of high speed sublimation printer. Someone may ask, why should we protect the sealing of the ink supply system? This is because it is the only way to avoid problems such as ink reflow in the ink tube and ink return to the ink cartridge.

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The dye sublimation printer uses micro-piezoelectric inkjet technology, and the entire ink supply system is closely connected to ensure the sealing between the ink cartridge and the ink supply tube and the ink nozzle, and avoid the problem of air leakage and air leakage. If the sealing is not good, there will be a problem of air leakage, which may easily cause the printer to break the ink, the ink supply is not on, the ink cannot be normally pumped, and the ink is returned to the ink bag. And there is always air in the ink tube, and the ink will not enter the ink bag. The occurrence of these faults is usually caused by the sealing problems associated with the ink supply system, including tight contact, broken ink tubes, etc.

Regarding the air leak of the ink cartridge of the sublimation printer, it is not that the air in the ink tube is leaking. A little air is normal in the ink supply tube, which causes the ink to flow back in order to prevent the siphon effect. However, if a large amount of air enters, it will cause an atmospheric pressure, which causes the ink of the ink bag to flow back.

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Leakage of the ink bag can also cause the same ink return phenomenon as the ink cartridge leaks. In addition, the ink supply tube may also return to the ink due to air leakage, and the ink supply tube may not be connected tightly, which may cause air to enter the ink supply system, causing ink backflow.

Finally, there is no leakage between the ink needle and the nozzle. For this, we can apply a sealant between the ink needle and the nozzle to seal it without leaking.

All in all, in the use of digital sublimation printer, we must pay attention to the sealing performance of the printer's ink supply system. When encountering problems, we should use the exclusion method to eliminate them one by one. For example, we can check whether the ink cartridge is leaking, and then see if the ink bag and ink are absorbed. The mouth is tightly connected, and finally check if there is a problem with the ink supply tube to find out the problem and solve it easily.