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Dye Sublimation Printing Process With Italy Quality Dye Sublimation Ink

dye sublimation ink


Dye Sublimation Ink is different from common dye-based ink.Because the ink is transferred to the medium from a solid state to a gaseous state.The medium for dye sublimation has a special coating to trap the ink, resulting in more precise blends than those created by fine dots from an inkjet printer.Since the dye sublimation ink penetrates the medium, the ink dries instantly and does not fade over time.
 dye sublimation ink
According to Dye Sub Inks,select models of inkjet printers can be used with dye sublimation inks because the printer heads use micro Piezo print head technology,which transfer sublimation ink through the jets.Usually,there are 4 main colors called CYMO(Cyan Magenta Yellow Overcoating),this set eliminates black ink in favor of a clear overcoating ink that protects the print from air, moisture and UV damage.Italy quality dye sublimation ink is particularly suitable for digital printing on polyester textiles used in sports and outer wear, as well as for a variety of plastic substrates used in the manufacturing of skis, snowboards, skateboards, windsurfs, and
other products.
 italy quality sublimation ink

 What are the limitations to sublimation printing?
 1. Sublimation cannot decorate black or dark 100% polyester fabric. There is no white sublimation ink so it will not show up on dark fabrics. Whatever you are transferring has to be darker than the polyester fabric for it to be visible.
 2. Sublimation does not work on 100% cotton. For bright colors you must use 100% polyester apparel or for a vintage look you can use apparel made with a combination of polyester and cotton. Vapor Apparel makes a full line of sublimation ready clothing.
 3. You can only decorate items with a bright white polymer coating. If you try to use sublimation on different plastics and other random items, it will not transfer and you will have a mess in the heat press! Make sure you are using blanks that have a polymer coating that will accept sublimation inks.
 dye sublimation printing

A good heat press for sublimation is the George Knight DK20S heat press. It is a heavy duty heat press for a reasonable price that has the ability to press thicker blanks if you ever want to get into decorating plaques. Be aware that cheap heat presses from abroad don't provide even, accurate heat and most are likely to fall apart in the first year of use.