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Sublimation Printing Paper-How to Use it to Complete Textile Printing?

Sublimation printing paper is a kind of printing consumables, which is widely used in the heat transfer sublimation printing technology of clothing textile fabrics. Various patterns are printed on a special kind of paper with special heat transfer ink, and then transferred to the product through temperature and pressure. This special paper in the heat transfer process is called heat transfer paper. Transfer printing is a printing process in which dyes are transferred to the fabric by transfer paper.

sublimation printing paper

Specific methods for textile printing with sublimation paper:

1.Preprocess the pattern you want to print on the clothes on the computer, adjust the appropriate size, format and color, and then print to the sublimation paper.

2.After the picture is printed on the sublimation paper, the drying system of the printer is used to dry the paper to prevent the color from being dizzy and affecting the image effect. The paper is then put away by an automatic paper receiving device and ready for use.

3.After making sure there is no problem with the pattern, cut the size you need to transfer printing. Put the dye sublimation paper with patterns that you cut off before on the heat transfer press machine to preheat.

4.Remove the sublimation paper and put in the textile fabric which need to be printed and dyed. Then cover the sublimation paper, the two close fit, keep flat, no wrinkles and gaps. Put down the heat press platen , and the temperature generally set in (220-240 ℃).

dye sublimation printing paper

Using the temperature and pressure of the heat press machine, transfer the picture on the paper to the substrate, that is, heat transfer paper; Transfer printing paper after a certain time, temperature and pressure control, the picture is printed on the cloth, and eventually form a brightly colored pattern.