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Sublimation Inkjet Printer-Two Things You Need to Know When Purchase it

Sublimation inkjet printer is the most popular digital inkjet printing equipment, widely used in material transfer of clothing, textile, interior furniture and other industries. So presumably there are already many users using sublimation printers.

Some people are considering buying a wide format sublimation printer. Here we take domestic printer as an example, there are so many domestic manufacturers of printers. Which one should users choose? This makes them very troubled. In fact, choosing a printer is not that difficult, just need to understand two things.

Roland sublimation inkjet printer

Two things you need to know to purchase a sublimation printer:

1.Performance of the printer product itself

Since you want to buy a digital sublimation printer, it is definitely a requirement for the printer. For example, you need to print a large number of large-format consumables, the accuracy of the machine is not high, the speed is so much, etc. With these requirements, you can have a purpose. The choice of printer is gone. You can tell the merchants your requirements, then let them introduce you to several models and introduce the relevant performance of the machine. If you have the conditions, you can go to the local merchants to learn about the parameters of the machine and actually check the machine. Print effect.

Epson sublimation inkjet printer

2.Printer service

This point is the focus of the majority of users, after all, the sublimation printer is not a small device, if the after-sales service can not keep up, it will easily affect your normal business, which will bring you a lot of damage, so It is very important that the printer has a good after-sales service.

After considering the above two points to purchase the sublimation printer's precautions, the performance of the integrated printer, combined with the recommendation from the merchant, we can buy a printer that suits you.