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Large Format Sublimation Printer-What Are the Advantages of Printing Wallpaper?

The technology for large format sublimation printer is becoming more and more mature, and the industries used are becoming more and more extensive. With the rapid development of the building materials industry, wallpapers are used more and more, they are widely used in interior decoration, becoming the mainstream of decorative materials.

The wallpaper can be printed with a sublimation printer. After the printer prints the pattern and sublimates it onto the wallpaper, it is very bright and beautiful, and it is an important indoor home decoration material.

Roland large format sublimation printer

At present, the usage rate of wallpapers in developed countries is close to 50%, while China has only 1%. With the economic development and the improvement of people's housing level, the demand for wallpaper is bound to increase greatly. At present, the annual output of China's wallpaper reaches 130 million square meters, which is already a big producing country, but the high-end wallpaper of the market is still mainly imported.

Like the clothing industry, the main difference between domestic wallpaper and imported wallpaper is that it is in the material and the design is in the color.

Mutoh large format sublimation printer

Sublimation tranfer printer can easily print out distinctive wallpaper patterns, so in the wallpaper market, some personalized wallpapers have jumped into people's eyes, such as anime, Chinese painting, character background, landscapes and landscapes abound. These have all got rid of the popular European Damascus pattern and palace style, and more personalized patterns have become the choice of manufacturers, stimulating people's consumer demand. The use of color is also more bold.

Wide format printer includes small, inexpensive consumer models and cost-effective professional output capabilities in a business environment, suitable for a wide range of industries, including full-color documents, signs, posters, banners, and drawings. And maps and more. For the personalized wallpaper industry application, it has its own unique personality, which is more suitable for today's fashionable and warm home life.