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Dye Sublimation Paper-Important Factors Which Determine the Quality

We have learned 3 factors that affect dye sublimation paper quality through the previous article,respectively, is the transfer rate, ink compatibility and drying speed (not know can click here to see the article). So today, we will continue to introduce, what factors affect the quality of sublimation paper.

dye sublimation paper for digital inkjet printer

Paper warp degree and warp time

Transfer paper is a kind of coated paper, coating layer and the substrate in the dry and high temperature expansion rate is not consistent will cause paper warp.Heat transfer paper warp will cause the following operation inconvenience:

1. The paper feed of the printer is inconvenient. (warping at room temperature)

2. Large quantities of printed sheets stacked,make arrangement inconvenientp.(warping at room temperature)

3. Before heat transfer sublimation process, due to the warp of the transfer paper and the wrong alignment of the fabric, the transfer fails. (warping at room temperature)

4. Under the hot transfer plate, transfer paper warping rolled up will make transfer dislocation and cause transfer failure. (high temperature warping)

The products produced by various transfer paper factories at home and aboard both have different degrees of warping, the warping Angle of excellent transfer paper is small, and the warping is slow, which can meet the needs of the flatness and time of the printing and transfer production process, and the operation is better.

The warpage is a difficult problem for the transfer paper manufacturers to overcome. Double-sided coating method can effectively improve the warpage, but this makes the production cost increase, and most transfer paper production equipment often do not have such conditions, can only be improved from the coating formula and production process.

dye sublimation paper for transfer printing

Impurity spots on paper

Spots on the surface of sublimation paper (impurity spots) is an important indicator of transfer paper, these spots may be produced in the base paper, may also be produced in the coating or production process.The spots will affect a large area of pure color printing but not fancy printing. Transfer paper many have spots problems, after a lot of research work, we have done on the spot and elimination method of many efforts, from the original to the coating formula and production process has strict rules and controls, but every square metre is still likely to have one or two spots, along with the new formula of commissioning and equipment reformation is expected to eliminate spot and reach the international advanced level.