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Sublimation Paper Printer-How to Maintain the Printer on Rainy Days

The wet weather is believed to have a great impact on the sublimation paper printer of the majority of users, especially in the southern regions where the climate is humid. So how do you maintain your own electric printer in a humid environment?

The damp air affects the sublimation printer machine and consumables performance. The most obvious performance is the wetness of the drawing, and the adhesion of the color is reduced. Therefore, the use and maintenance of the piezoelectric printer in wet weather should be done. The following precautions for the use of piezoelectric printers in wet weather are as follows:

Roland sublimation paper printer

1, the main body of the printer should be covered to avoid short circuit of the relevant circuit boards and components due to moisture.

2, the sublimation transfer printer working environment space should also pay attention to prevent moisture, close the doors and windows and other vents when not working, so as to avoid external moisture being sucked into the room.

3, the relevant printing supplies storage also pay attention to moisture. Printing consumables are easy to absorb moisture and get wet, and the printed materials that are damp are causing the ink to spread during printing. Therefore, the printed material is sealed back to the original packaging after each use, and does not touch the ground and the wall as much as possible.

Epson sublimation paper printer

4. If there are conditions, it is recommended to use the exhaust fan in the working environment of the sublimation inkjet printer, or turn on the air conditioner to dehumidify; if the moisture is too heavy, properly put some moisture absorbent in the room to dehumidify.

5. The image printed by the printer is slow to dry. Due to the damp weather and slow drying of the screen, it is recommended that the user turn on the printer printing heating function or turn on the printer-related drying device, which can speed up the dryness of the image screen medium.