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Heat Transfer Sublimation Paper-How to Judge the Paper Quality?

Heat transfer sublimation paper is one of the necessary consumables in the heat transfer sublimation printing process.Various patterns are printed on a special kind of paper with special heat transfer ink, and then transferred to the product through temperature and pressure. This special paper in the heat transfer process is called heat transfer paper.

Transfer printing is a printing process in which dyes are transferred to the fabric by transfer paper. It is based on the characteristics of some disperse dye sublimation in 150 ~ 230 ℃ disperse dye sublimation, mix it with slurry made from "color”.According to different design requirements, "color printing" to transfer paper (this is a special paper, therefore calls transfer paper), and then transfer paper and fabric close contact with decorative pattern design, in a certain temperature, pressure and time control, through the internal diffusion into the fabric, so as to achieve the goal of coloring.

Skyimage 100gsm heat transfer sublimation paper

So when we choose sublimation paper, how should we judge the quality of it?

1.Transfer rate

Transfer rate is a basic performance of heat transfer paper, is different from the characteristics of ordinary inkjet paper, a good transfer rate can make the transferred color more beautiful and save ink.

2.Ink compatibility

Transfer paper are required as much as possible to adapt to a variety of sublimation ink, make the transfer paper coating adapt to all kinds of sublimation ink solubility.Tthat the ink pattern on transfer paper can be delicate and not through the coating to the paper which will cause low transfer rate.

3.Drying rate

The fast drying speed undoubtedly makes it convenient for users to use and can facilitate continuous printing and improve delivery speed. The printing speed is also a parameter for the transfer paper manufacturer to track the increasing printing speed of the printer

heat transfer sublimation paper for printing

Above is some factors affecting the quality of sublimation paper,because of the length of this article,other factors will not be introduced here. We will continue to introduce the relevant characteristics of transfer paper and the factors affect quality in the next article, interested friends please keep an eye on this website.