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Large Format UV Printer Print Heads Usual Cleaning Methods

Every large format UV printer requires regular maintenance. If it is not maintained, it is likely to cause nozzle blockage or other problems. The nozzle is one of the core components of the printer and the price is very expensive. Sometimes the nozzle of the machine is blocked and the ink cannot be discharged. We only need a simple cleaning to make the nozzle of the UV printer easy to resurrect.

Some simple maintenance methods, such as cleaning and calibrating the nozzles, can be easily done with the UV digital printer built-in program.

Oric large format UV printer

Calibration procedures for UV printer printheads are typically built into the printer driver or can be found by accessing the printer options in the computer. It should be noted that once the printer starts to perform maintenance procedures, please be patient and wait for the entire process to complete before proceeding with other projects. Doing so may cause damage to the printer.

Nozzle inspection

When the color of the output fades or a certain color cannot be output, you need to check if the nozzle is working properly.

First, use the UV large format printer to make a ribbon and see if the ribbon of a certain color is incomplete. If it is, it indicates that the ink cartridge of the corresponding color is congested. When the color is light, this indicates that the nozzle is clogged.

Mimaki large format UV printer

Cleaning nozzle

If the sprinkler self-test indicates that the sprinkler needs to be cleaned, or if the entire sprinkler is completely clogged (unprintable), you will need to clean the sprinkler. The cleaning nozzle can wash out the blockage in the nozzle. If the nozzle is clogged, continuous cleaning can be performed, but continuous cleaning should not be more than three times, and the interval between cleanings should be about 15 minutes.

In general, there is only one type of automatic cleaning mode for UV inkjet printers on the market. If automatic cleaning does not wash the nozzle, you will need to perform a manual cleaning.