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How to Use Direct to Garment Printer to Print Cotton Fabric?

Compared with traditional manual printing and reactive printing, the operation process of direct to garment Printer(DTG printer) to print on cotton fabric is very simple.In general, the operation process can be divided into four steps: sizing, printing, color fixing, spray softener.Following I will introduce the steps in detail:


Sizing is to do pretreatment, in principle, DTG printer do not need sizing, but if not sizing, there is a gap between the brightness of pigment ink and reactive digital printing, After the sizing of pure cotton fabric,the effect of direct printing is no less than active digital printing.

Oric direct to garment printer

Sizing has a special sizing machine, as long as the temperature, speed to the appropriate value (specific can be tested or ask the fabric supplier), to ensure that the sizing uniform and fabrics on the treatment fluid drying. If the sizing is not uniform will lead to poor printing effect, and if the treatment fluid does not dry, it is easy to cause bulk ink


This step requires the operator to have a little drawing skills, of course, some guests directly give AI, CDR and other high definition pictures or ask a professional designer to plot.Then,use digital inkjet printer to print this patterns.

Oric direct to garment printer

3.Color Fixing

In general, a simple tunnel furnace is used for fixing color, and the operators also do the materials loading and unloading. The placing and receiving of cloth are also completed automatically by the machine, and the temperature and speed can be adjusted. The drying time at high temperature can be adjusted according to the different fabrics.


After sizing,printing and high temperature color fixing, pure cotton fabric feel is a little bit hard. In order to restore its softness and provide a better feel, need to spray softener.After spraying softener, pure cotton cloth feel back to the original.

Above is the specific process of printing cotton fabric by direct to garment printer.Did you got it?Just give it a try!