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Sublimation Textile Printer-How to Install New Print Head on it?

Sublimation textile printer print head is the most important part of the printer machine, if the usual maintenance is not good, it will appear damage. Because often use, so the life of the general print head for a year or so.

So, once the print head of the digital inkjet printer is damaged, we need to replace it. Some people may not know how to properly install the print head, don’t worry, next, we look at how to correctly replace it.

Oric sublimation textile printer

Sublimation printer’s print head replacement process is not particularly complicated, only a few simple steps, as follows:

1. Before installing the print head, ensure that the textile printer is in normal operation, the ground wire of the machine has been connected, the voltage on the ink cartridge is normal, and the voltage supplied by the print head is normal. The easiest way to check if these voltages are normal is to use a multimeter to measure whether there is static electricity on the machine, to check the voltage of the small cartridge, and to check whether the power supply voltage of the nozzle is normal. Finally, disconnect the nozzle power supply.

2.Pick up the new nozzle, first open the blowhole seal (that is, the label or sticker which stick the blowhole), pour in 70~80 water or alcohol, soak.

Oric sublimation textile printer

3.Then shower nozzle down, drops of ink on paper towel about 2 to 5 minutes, ink penetration to the tissues, completely good to connect with the ink needle, Lift the nozzle contact upward,slowly suck the air out of the pipe with a blotter.Then rotate the nozzle 180 degrees,use a blotter to slowly absorb a small amount of ink.Wipe the contacts with a paper towel,let the nozzle perform the machine work.

4.Finally, after installing the print head, for the new print head we clean the nozzle first. Generally, it is best to clean 3-5 times. Please clean the nozzle at least once. Once the new print head is installed, it must not touch the surface of the it. Do not take it off at will to avoid the consequence of blocking or wearing of it, which may affect the use and service life of the print head for the sublimation textile printer.