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Digital Inkjet Printer-What Effect Does the Summer Temperature Have on it?

Summer has arrived, digital inkjet printer users will certainly have doubts, hot high temperature weather will have any effect on the printer work? The answer is that it must has a great impact, after all, piezoelectric printers have strict requirements on the temperature of the working environment. So, do you know what the digital printer has to the temperature of the working environment?

Epson digital inkjet printer

Wide format inkjet printer requires an optimum operating temperature of 20-35℃. If the ambient temperature is higher than this range, the impact on the normal operation of the printer is still very large, it will not only affect the normal printing of the printer, but also affect the printer-related board accessories, printing media and image color. Excessive temperatures can easily cause high temperatures in the printer's control board, which can affect print performance and can even cause damage.

In addition, if the working environment temperature of the large format digital printer is too high or too low, it will cause the printer nozzle to be disconnected. This is because the printer ink has certain temperature requirements. The viscosity of the ink changes with the change of the ambient temperature, and the viscosity will directly affect the ink discharge of the printer.

Epson digital inkjet printer

Therefore, in a high temperature environment, it is necessary to pay attention to cooling the working environment of the digital inkjet transfer printer, so that the printer will not stop working due to high temperature, thus affecting your normal work. You can cool down by turning on the air conditioner and sprinkle some water on the ground to increase the humidity of the air. The working environment should also be well ventilated. In short, providing a good working environment for the printer is a basic requirement for the normal operation of the printer.