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Sublimation Fabric Printer-Introduction to Common Printer Accessories

For sublimation fabric printer,one of the most important tasks in our daily use and maintenance is the understanding and replacement of the consumable parts of the printer. Most people know that the printer's nozzles need maintenance, but often overlook other vulnerable parts that require maintenance.

Today, I will share some common knowledge of fabric sublimation printer vulnerable parts, such as ink pads, ink sacs, etc. You can refer to it, pay attention to such problems, and it will be helpful for printer maintenance later.

Epson sublimation fabric printer

Ink Pad

The sublimation textile printer ink pad is also called the ink stack core, located directly under the printer nozzle, on the right side of the whole machine, mainly to protect the nozzle. Its main function is to suck out the residual ink in the nozzle hole to avoid the phenomenon of dry plugging caused by solvent evaporation and drying.

The ink stack has sliders and lifting points according to the movement mode. In general, the lifting ink stack cleaning nozzle is more thorough and better, so it is more suitable for application. However, in combination with the domestic actual market situation, the slider mode is still well applied in domestic printers. The ink pad and the ink stack cooperate to form a fully automatic cleaning and moisturizing function of the nozzle.

Mimaki sublimation fabric printer

Ink Sac

What is a digital sublimation printer ink bag? Generally, a piezoelectric machine has an ink bag, and a small plastic bag located above the nozzle, where the ink tube and the nozzle are connected. Open the nozzle cover to see, one color, generally no more than 5CMX5CM, transparent inside there is a half bag of ink, connected between the nozzle and the ink tube. There is a filter in the ink bag, which can filter out impurities in the ink, ensure smooth ink supply, and prevent malfunctions such as nozzle blockage and disconnection. It has the filtering effect of ink, which can be used to balance the ink pressure of the nozzle and filter impurities; and it is to "collect" the air inside the ink path, which can reduce the probability of nozzle plugging or increase the probability of the nozzle "plugging".