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Digital Sublimation Printer-Difficult to Solve Ink Misting Problem?

If encounter the cold and dry climate, digital sublimation printer will appear ink misting phenomenon, serious impact on the quality of the sound field. Here I would like to give you a brief introduction of some feasible methods and use skills to avoid ink misting phenomenon, I hope these would be a little help to you.

Oric digital sublimation printer

Above all, in ink selection,we should choose ink that is suitable for digital printer use in cold, dry climates,general big brand manufacturer has corresponding product to roll out. Another method is in the supply of ink barrel heating, raising the ink temperature, enhance its mobility. This method uses a lot of electricity, but it is worth promoting because it is much safer than heating a light bulb at the bottom of the cartridge. The higher viscosity of the ink will damage the piezoelectric ceramics inside the nozzle and cause nozzle blockage, resulting in the phenomenon of painting picture vertical.

Secondly, we can control the ink activity by heating the ink cartridge to control the ink temperature, that is, the ink cartridge heating method.Means you add a temperature control device to the secondary cartridge, someone simply adds a light bulb (if space permits) to the bottom of the cartridge.

Oric digital sublimation printer

Finally, it is necessary to maintain the sublimation printer nozzle. Ink solvent is volatile liquid, the dry air volatilizing speed will speed up.The ink on the surface of the printer nozzle will dry out quickly, causing the print head clogging. In the process of inkjet printing, the phenomenon of flying ink, frequent wire breakage and oblique spray.If do not pay attention to the printer nozzle maintenance may damage print head, nozzle price is very expensive, it's not worth to do it.

The above is some methods come to how to avoid of flying ink phenomenon, have you learned? Go for it.