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Why is the Textile Sublimation Printer Printing Slower Than Before?

Customers who purchase textile sublimation printer should understand that print speed is an important indicator of printer performance. Therefore, in general, the printing speed of the printer is a common concern, because the speed of the printer printing is the main factor affecting the efficiency of the printer. Only the work efficiency is improved, and we can make more profits in the printer printing industry.

Epson textile sublimation printer

The sublimation textile printer print mode is divided into many types. If the high PASS print mode is selected, the slow print speed is normal. High pass printing has high precision, but accuracy and speed are inversely proportional. Therefore, the higher the precision, the slower the printing speed. These two indicators cannot be combined and it is difficult to unify.

Then sublimation digital printer has the problem with the picture. If the picture is too large, the printer will print at a slow rate. The general picture should not exceed 300M. Before printing, you can check the properties of the image below, make sure it is not too large, otherwise the printing speed is very slow, and it is very likely that the printing will stop in the middle.

Mutoh textile sublimation printer

Finally, if the computer version is too low, or the computer configuration is too low, it will affect the textile printer printing speed. Because the print data is transmitted to the printing device through the computer, if the computer configuration is low, the data transmission speed will be slow, which will inevitably slow down the printing speed.

Above are some resaons why the wide format sublimation printer sometimes prints slower than it usually is.After knowing the reasons, we can take actions to avoid these problem when printing.Hope this article would be a help for wide printer users.