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Textile Digital Printing-Which Fabrics Should We Choose?

Textile digital printing is an inkjet printing method that enables printers to print high-quality patterns on various fabrics. However, some fabrics are not suitable for this particular printing technique. In this article,I list which fabrics can be used for digital printing. To fully understand, it is necessary to understand this printing technology.

textile digital printing

Description of textile digital printing technology

In digital printing, the fabric must be pretreated and then passed through the digital inkjet printer at high speed. Printer uses digitized printable patterns,read correct color information and print color on fabrics.The fabric is coloured using tiny droplets of ink sprayed by nozzle. The nozzle is located a few millimeters above the fabric.

textile digital printing

Printing fabrics

However, not all fabrics are suitable for digital printing. Below, I detail which materials are suitable.


Over the past few years, polyester has become an increasingly popular fabric in the fashion industry,best for using dispersed dye sublimation ink to print patterns by heat transfer sublimation technology.


Cotton is a natural fiber widely used in the clothing industry for its high moisture resistance, comfort and durability. Most are printed with reactive ink because this type of ink provides a high wash fastness to printing on cotton.


Silk is also suitable to use active ink(for good color fastness),besides,it can be printed by acid ink(for wide gamut).

Blend fabric

Blended fabric is made up of two different types of fabric, which is a challenge for a digital printing machine. Usually, textile digital printing machine can handle 70-30% proportion of the distribution of mixed fabric.

For example, a blend of 70% polyester and 30% cotton can be printed with dye sublimation ink. However, for 60 to 40 percent of blends, the use of digital printing has limitations in color depth.

sublimation ink for textile digital printing

Digital printing for textiles can be used to print almost all fabrics and improve printing quality and production efficiency. For these reasons, more and more traditional printing companies are turning to digital printing.