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UV Roll to Roll Printer-Why Printed Pattern Appears Color Difference?

Uv roll to roll printer can not only achieve personalized printing, but also suitable for all sizes of printing, so it is increasingly used by users. But some users when they are printing found that the pattern color difference, which greatly affected the daily printing work.

ORIC UV roll to roll printer

So why the uv printer color differenceNext I will give you an introduction.

1.Image problem

Before using UV roll to roll printer to print the pattern on the media, the operator needs to process the pattern before be printed, until to achieve the effect that customer wants, and then start to print. But when we process picture, if there is a processing error and lead to the color damage of the pattern, the effect printed out will have a big gap with the actual requirements. Therefore,it would be better to test the template, until the ideal effect, before the formal printing. This can not only save materials, but also in the shortest time to print the product effect that satisfied customer.

ORIC UV roll to roll printer

2.Ink Problem

The quality of the printing ink is a direct reflection of the final effect of the key, if the quality of UV printer used ink is too bad, it is difficult to print out the customer demand.So,it’s better to choose high quality UV priting inks.

3.The Fuselage Problem

The performance of the printer itself is the most important factor in the printing process for the most efficient printing of the desired effect.A high stability, high precision UV digital printer to print out the product is not prone to chromatic aberration.The higher the printing accuracy of the nozzle used by the printer, the more realistic the printing effect will be, and the less the difference between the printing effect and the actual requirement.