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Sublimation Digital Printer-How to Ensure the Accuracy of the Printed Color?

In many indoor and outdoor large-format advertising inkjet image design schemes using sublimation digital printer, black and red color schemes are more commonly used. However, when using the printer for print output, it is often encountered that the black after printing is not black, red is not red. Therefore, pay attention to the setting of the color CMYK color value when designing the pattern screen.

Large-format sublimation printer usually output color in six colors of CMYK or CMYK LC LM. Currently, most of the printers are CMYK four-color color output solutions. However, in the case of printer printing large areas of solid color, pay attention to the setting of color and color values: for example, black color printing, generally has very strict requirements. When the black color is not black, it is gray or cyan, and it will not reach the pure black with pure precision.

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So what is the CMYK standard color value of the digital sublimation printer printing pure black blackest effect? The print pattern is very taboo with a single black value. We should use four-color black values.

Many new debut designers have less practical experience, and it is easy to set the black value of the print to the following values: C0, M0, Y0, K100. The effect of the color value inkjet printing above is necessarily gray-black, and many times, the screen still has There will be a light gray cross on the black part, which will affect the overall effect, but it is not the pure black we expected. Some designers also use the color values of C100, M100, Y100 and K100. The effect of inkjet printing or printing is too strong. Dry, and the picture is easy to spend. The correct blackest value is: C=50 M=50 Y=50 K=100.

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In addition, the color mode problem of the image file saved in the design of the printed image will also affect the black color of sublimation inkjet printer. Therefore, when designing the advertising image, please set the file to CMYK image mode, and the inkjet requires CMYK mode. Because the inkjet software uses the four-color type of CMYK, be careful not to use RGB mode. After the image design is completed, please output it as CMYK image mode image file. If it is RGB image mode, you can use PS and other related image processing software to convert the image file into CMYK image mode to ensure the effect of black inkjet printing.