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LED UV Flatbed Printer Output Image is Too Dark How to Solve

In the LED UV faltbed printer printing process, the operator found that the pattern editing process has not been modified, the ink has not been replaced, and the nozzle state is also good, but the printed image is not bright enough, very dark feeling-Why it has such a problem? What is going wrong?

Roland LED UV flatbed printer

Actually, this reason appears on the curve of the printer.

The function of the UV inkjet printer curve is to specifically adjust the proportion of the color, and the image output by the uv printer is 100% restored according to the specified requirements. When the operator sets the printing accuracy and PASS, there is a small setting to lower the dark part value behind the curve.

If the value of the dark color is too high, it will definitely reduce the final pattern brightness. It is worth noting that different materials are light-transparent, bright, etc., and the dark curves of the same material are normal in different materials, and some are lacking in dim, which requires technicians to continuously accumulate corresponding experience.

Roland LED UV flatbed printer

So, when we see that the image output by the uv printer is not bright enough. What should we do? Today, i weil give u some solutions,hope it would be a help for you.

Soultions: Increase the angle behind the curve in the color software to solve the problem. The specific value of the rising angle needs to be debugged by the technician according to the color condition of the customer pattern, and only the required standard can be achieved.

Above are the causes and solutions to the dark output image problem of LED UV inkjet printer,did you get it?If you still have any questions, feel free to contact me,we will do our best to help you.