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How to Choose Digital Printing Ink for Inkjet Printer Correctly?

It is important to choose digital printing ink correctly for your inkjet printer.Because different types of printer printheads work on different principles, therefore, the choice of printing ink is also different. If the selection of ink is wrong,it will inevitably damage the printer nozzle. Nozzle is the most important part of the whole printer, we must maintain it in daily use.

dye sublimation digital printing ink

So how do you choose the right digital printing ink? First we need to know the general classification of ink. At present, ink can be roughly divided into the following types:

1.Dye sublimation inks are suitable for indoor printers. The inks contain high foaming agent. The ink contains a high foaming agent. After being heated by the resistance of the nozzle, the ink bubbles in a very short period of time, which squeezes the ink out. The sprinkler head is easy to wear out under the high and low temperature change for a long time.

After the development of alternative inks, printing costs are significantly reduced, but nozzle loss is an irreducible cost. The ink typically needs to be 70 to 90 percent water in order to keep the nozzle open, along with heat. This means that there must be enough time for the ink to dry on the medium without spreading out, so a drying device must be installed on the machine to avoid damaging the print.

digital printing ink for inkjet printer

2.Dye micro-piezoelectric inks are suitable for piezoelectric sprays. The piezoelectric nozzle USES a piezoelectric crystal to hit and oscillate a membrane fixed to the print head, causing the ink inside the print head to be ejected. The nozzle does not need to be replaced regularly, but the price of early ink is higher, so the indoor production cost is higher than the first kind of ink.

3.The pigment micro-piezoelectric ink used to be used in piezoelectric sprayers,and mainly used for outdoor products printing.It must be heat transfered by films,and films are more expensive than translate paper,so the printing cost is much more than indoor product printing.

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