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Digital Printer-How to Solve the Problem of Color Lack in Patterns

Nowadays, digital printers are used by more and more companies and families. Digital printing is widely popular in the printing industry due to its advantages of speed and efficiency. Correspondingly, many users who are new to digital printing will often encounter many operational problems. Among them, a very common problem, is the printing process in the absence of color or the image is not correct phenomenon.

So, when we encounter inkjet printer image lack of color or incorrect situation, how to deal with it? What causes it? Based on the company's many years of experience in printer sales and maintain, we take you to understand the specific:

Epson F60680 solvent digital printer

1. In the case of the correct printing Settings, the display color and the actual printing color deviation

Because monitors and printers use different technologies to represent colors, namely RGB mode and YMCK mode.The actual color printed cannot fully match the color displayed on the monitor.

2.Printer driver ink set to "black"

Change the Settings to "color".

3.The media setting is inconsistent with the print media actually used

Modify the print media Settings in the driver, or replace the matching print media.

Roland Texart XT-640 sublimation digital printer

4.The cartridge is empty of one or more colors of ink

Check the cartridge to see if it needs to be replaced.

5.Print media face down

Place the print media correctly, with the print face up.

6.The selection of middle tones and modes does not match the file type

Mode Settings do affect many other Settings in the driver; The intermediate tone setting determines the manner in which the printer sprays ink droplets onto the printing medium; Improper setting will cause color deviation.

7.The printer nozzle is dirty, Individual nozzles do not spray ink

Cleaning nozzles.

Above, are the causes of digital inkjet printer printing pattern color defect or incorrect problem and corresponding solutions. So, everybody got it? If encounter similar problem later, you can practice at once.