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Wide Format Sublimation Printer-How to Maintain it in Summer?

Summer is coming, some areas are dry and hot, and some areas have frequent thunderstorms. These are the most common weather after the summer. Wide format sublimation printer has certain requirements for the temperature and humidity of the work. Therefore, it is also very important to provide a suitable working environment for the printer, and how to avoid the adverse effects of high temperature drying or rain and humidity on the printer.

Epson wide format sublimation printer

In the summer, there are several points to note about the maintenance of wide format printer:

1. The temperature of the working environment of the printer should not exceed 40 degrees.

In the high temperature environment of the digital inkjet printer, the temperature change will affect the viscosity of the printer ink, which may cause ink breakage, wire breakage, etc., thus affecting the operation.

2. The temperature is too high, causing the control board to malfunction.

In the summer, the printer is continuously used. Excessive temperature may cause the printer's related control board to malfunction, which may affect the printing performance. The data chip on the motherboard will affect the data transmission at high temperatures, resulting in slower printing speeds, and even more serious damage to the chip and electronic components and circuits.

wide format sublimation printer

3. Keep the working environment humidity of the printer not more than 60%.

For areas with more rain in summer, pay attention to the humidity of the working environment of the sublimation digital printer should not exceed 60%. In the high temperature working environment of the summer, the printer should ventilate and cool the working environment to provide a comfortable working environment for the printer. The maintenance method of the printer is different every season, but the maintenance work of the printer must be done to prolong the service life of the printer and keep the printer good.