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Sublimation Digital Printer-Cautions in Winter Use

Sublimation digital printer daily maintenance has been printer users’ more concerned  problem. Digital printers have requirements for the environment in which they are used. The change of temperature, humidity and other factors will affect the service life of the printer. In China, the farther north it is, the colder it gets in winter, with temperatures basically below zero. Winter is not only cold but also very dry. So how can a user use a printer in such dry, cold weather without causing unnecessary damage to the printer?

Epson sublimation digital printer

Digital dye sublimation printer have high requirements on the working environment, once the temperature is very low, the printer prone to abnormly jet ink, patterns are not clear and so on.Therefore,before using printers,users should preheat the working environment of the sublimation printer with electric heating fan or dryer in advance and keep temperature in 15 to 30 .This helps to keep the printer in optimal working condition, improve printing effect. If possible, a thermometer can be placed to observe the change of indoor temperature at any time.

Mutoh sublimation digital printer

Generally there is air conditioning or heating in the roomthe air will become extremely dry and very prone to static electricity.Too much static electricity may increase the loss of electronic components, resulting in the pirnter short circuit, reduce the life of the nozzle.Therefore, users should turn on the humidifier synchronously to keep the air humidity at 35%-65%.At the same time, users should pay attention to the humidifier and printer to maintain a certain distance, to avoid water vapor blowing printing machine case, prevent condensation caused by the short circuit board card.

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If there is dust in the air, the dust attached to the printer nozzle is easy to lead to the nozzle clogging and break print line.So users must keep the sublimation printer working environment clean, pay attention to the maintenance of the nozzle.