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Sublimation Transfer Paper-Transfer Printing Principle and Advantages of it

Sublimation transfer paper is a very important consumable in heat transfer printing. Various patterns are printed on a special paper with special heat transfer ink, and then transferred to the product through temperature and pressure. This special paper in the heat transfer process is called transfer paper. Do you know how transfer paper works? What are its advantages? Next,let’s understand it together.

sublimation transfer paper for sublimation printing

Heat Transfer Principle

Transfer printing is a printing process in which dyes are transferred to the fabric by heat transfer sublimation paper. It is based on the characteristics of some disperse dye sublimation in 150-230 ℃, mix it with slurry made from the color, according to different design requirements, the color is printed on the transfer paper. Then printed with patterns of transfer printing paper and fabric close contact.In a certain temperature, pressure and time control, through the internal diffusion into the fabric, so as to achieve the aim of coloring, transfer paper transfer is completed.

sublimation transfer paper for sublimation printing


1.The transfer paper is renewable, easy to operate and safe to use.

2.Sublimation paper is environmentally friendly, efficient, and can protect the integrity of the product surface.

3.Transfer paper is anti - corrosion, anti - impact, anti - aging, wear - resistant, fire - resistant, non - discoloration in outdoor use.

4.Heat transfer paper is a hybrid double coating structure, supporting saturated printing, no back penetration, paper smoothness, high printing accuracy, clear hierarchy, wide color gamut.

5.Transfer paper is well compatible with inks of different surface tensions, high tolerance, support industrial unattended operation.

6.Sublimation paper has high ink absorption capacity, fast drying speed, can effectively improve production efficiency.It’s pollution-free,environmentally friendly, and can reduce the rejection rate.

7.Transfer paper use efficiency and transfer rate is high.

8.May realize the individuality to customize, the design is novel, the variety is diverse.

sublimation transfer paper

The above is my introduction to transfer paper, I hope this article can make you have a further understanding of sublimation transfer paper.