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Sublimation Transfer Printer-Why is the Printed Image Lighter After Cleaning Nozzles?

Recently, some sublimation transfer printer users reported that the printer was running normally before cleaning the nozzles, but after cleaning the nozzles, the printed images became lighter and did not know why. Problems like this may have happened to other users. Therefore, I will do the following simple analysis for you on this issue and provide solutions for everyone.

Epson sublimation transfer printer

Sublimation printer appears to have a lighter print color. What is the cause? We also need to analyze from the structure and working principle of the equipment. Problems like this occur mostly on devices with four colors arranged up and down and relatively low ink jets. Since the ink is a volatile liquid, the ink is dry quickly, and when the cleaning time is long, the permeability of the output medium is strong, and the inkjet pattern is likely to become shallow.

Now that we have found the reason why the digital inkjet printer prints lighter, then we should find the corresponding solution. Because the light color is caused by the cleaning nozzle, so do not clean the nozzle as much as possible during the printing process, that is, check the nozzle status before printing. When cleaning, it must be cleaned as soon as possible or separately to avoid chromatic aberration.

Roland sublimation transfer printer

There is also a case where the ink drying speed is fast. If this is the case, the user cannot change it. To reflect to the ink manufacturer, it is to delay the evaporation speed of the ink, prolong the drying time, and add the adhesion of the ink to the ink. Agent.

Therefore, in the pursuit of dye sublimation printer printing speed, the quality is also very important, the ink is volatile is to say that its quality is not as good as the non-volatile ink. Also, the detection of the nozzle before printing should be considered.