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How to Prevent Industrial Sublimation Ink Fading After Sublimation Printing

Sublimation printer using industrial sublimation ink printing, the printing screen due to fine image, high color saturation, is very bright and gorgeous, and is the first choice for advertisers when printing advertising.

Especially in recent years as prices of domestically produced sublimation printers large floating down, make the price of printing also drops, so more and more advertisers choose this wide format printer to print ads, including some large shopping malls. Supermarkets are also the main consumer groups of ads printing.

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However, because of the ink used in printing is water-based dye sublimation ink and therefore, not a waterproof and uv resistance.

If the printed pattern is placed outdoors all the time, it will quickly fade. Even if it is put indoors, if no protection is done, the pattern will fade and become dim and no longer bright due to the light.

So is there a way to effectively increase the shelf life of ink printing, prevent industrial sublimation ink fading?

The answer is yes. We know that the printer print out the picture, which rich color from the dyes in sublimation ink.If the fading phenomenon happen,it must be a change in the dye.

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Then what factors can cause the ink in the dye change?

One is the ultraviolet radiation, two is the ink dye encountered some of the oxidative reductive substances make the chemical structure of the dye changed, resulting in the phenomenon of fading.

Ultraviolet radiation fading is of course related to the intensity of ultraviolet light. We know indoor printer ink made of images is placed indoor place without direct sunlight, only to bear some of indoor lamplight illuminate, in this case, if the ink dye light fastness 5 ~ 6 grade, then its indoor storage time (no visual badly faded) two or three years.So when encountered fade must first look at the pictures whether have been strong uv radiation, such as excessive ultraviolet light boxes in the tubes. Use inferior lamp tube and bring about picture to fade also be one of common reasons that ink fades.