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Full Sublimation Printer-What Are the Advantages of Dual Nozzles than Sigle?

What are the advantages of full sublimation printer dual heads compared to single head? When many people buy a printer, it is not quite sure whether to buy a double-headed or single-headed machine. So, what is the essential difference between a double head and a single head?

Today, we will give you a brief introduction to the impact of the two print heads on the printing effect of the dye sublimation printer. I hope to provide some help for the future choice of printer users.

Oric full sublimation printer

1, the number of print heads

It is clear that a single-head sublimation digital printer has only one print head, while a two-head printer has two print heads. Single-head machines have been used more and more, and most entrepreneurial small companies prefer this type of machine. The two-headed machine generally has a large business volume and chooses it.

2, printing speed

The printing speed is obviously different. The printing speed of the double-headed machine is generally about 2 times faster than that of the single-head machine. In this way, many companies can avoid overtime troubles, save space, save operator expenses, and so on.

Oric full sublimation printer

3, printing accuracy

The double-headed printer started to enter the market after many years of use, and with the improvement of research and development technology, the printing accuracy of the double-headed machine has been significantly improved compared with the single head.

4, stability

The single-head printer is a classic printer, and its stability is evident. Because of its stability, there are still many customers on the market who prefer single-head machines. However, there are some brand machines for the stability of the two-head machine.

5, print format

Today's technology has created a double-head wide format printer that can print a wider width, 1.8m, 3.2m, while the traditional single-head printer, the size is generally about 1.6m. In comparison, the two-head machine can already be painted, which can be described as a multi-purpose machine.