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Sublimation Inkjet Printer-What Effect Does Dust Have On Printer Work?

The serious consequences of dust on sublimation inkjet printers cannot be ignored. To make the printer more convenient to use, it is not sloppy to maintain the printer. In the working environment of the printer, dust will affect the normal operation of the printer, so today, I will talk to you about the impact of dust on the printer. How should we pay attention to avoid and solve the problem caused by dust?

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Many advertising shops, small and medium-sized advertising companies usually do not pay much attention to the working environment of the sublimation printer, and the anti-dust is not in place, especially the advertising shop. Usually, because of the space problem, the advertising shop is not enough space, and most of the storefronts are facing the big streets or the roadside. If the printer workshop is not tightly sealed, there may be a lot of dust. If you do not pay attention to the maintenance of the printer in this environment, the impact of dust on the digital printer is very large.

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For example, dust can enter the inside of the host through the gap of the digital sublmation printer, such as covering the motherboard or the motor, causing poor heat dissipation of the electronic components such as the motherboard. Affect the normal operation of the printer. There are also effects on the grating, such as the problem of the printer marking the edge to the side and the other side, these are caused by dust or dirty debris affecting the grating, so usually pay attention to the dust-proof work of the printer, when the printer is not in use It is best to find a cloth to prevent dust from entering and affect the normal use of the digital printer.

In addition, the lubricating oil used in some parts of the machine can also cause dust deposition problems. For example, if there is too much dust, oil on the rail will absorb dust, but it will be counterproductive. If there is black mud on the rails, wipe it off with paper alcohol and then rub the oil. Usually pay attention to dustproof, especially for outdoor printers that use weak solvents. Because of the use of weak solvent ink, the ink is easy to mix with dust, causing debris to block the nozzle.