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Digital Sublimation Printing and Heat Transfer Film Printing-The Difference You Should Know

Digital sublimation printing and heat transfer film printing are both kinds of heat transfer printing technology.These two heat transfer materials in reality are widely used in the clothing industry. So now let me take you to know what is sublimation printing and film printing, and the difference between the two printing technology.

digital sublimation printing

Heat transfer film printing

In this printing method, the pattern is first printed on the PET/ PVC and other materials film which coated with mold release agent. After drying, the patterned film is pressed on the surface of clothes or other fabrics under high temperature and pressure, leaving the pattern, tearing off the used film and completing the process of hot stamping.


Digital sublimation printing

Sublimation printing is a process in which sublimation ink is pre-printed on a specific paper by a machine, and then through this paper, the pattern pattern on the paper is transferred to the cloth that needs printing by high temperature and pressure, and the whole process of transfer printing is completed.

digital sublimation printing for fabric


1. Different transfer temperature and time

In general, the film printing temperature is 130-150℃, about 6-10 seconds, and sublimation paper needs temperature in 200-230℃, about 15-20 seconds.


2.Different materials

Film printing uses PVC,PU,PET films,almost every kind of materials can be printed on. but sublimation printing usually prints on polyester materials.

digital sublimation printing

3.Hand feeling is different

Film back has hot melt glue,so the printed pattern hand feeling is stiff. Sublimation printing is ink infiltration into the fabric, so the cloth feel is soft.


4.Color difference

Film printing can achieve the effect of photographs, do film printing as long as the original documents provide a clear, can achieve the effect of photographs. Sublimation paper printing effect is not as clear as hot stamping.The higher polyester components in sublimation paper printing fabrics ,the more effecty colorful.