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Wide Format Inkjet Printer-Some Points for Attention in the Use

Wide format inkjet printers are now so common that they can be found almost everywhere. But people really understand the printer, know how to use the printer and how to maintain the printer are not very many. Here, for everyone to briefly introduce the need to pay attention to when using the inkjet printers:mimaki wide format inkjet printer

1.First, when we buy a wide format printer,we must keep relevant buy bill and relevant product’ insurance or manual of aftersale maintenance service.This can let digital printer enjoy due aftersale and guarantee service.


2.After the printer is unpacked, it is suggested to keep the relevant packaging and place it well, (such as wooden boxes or cartons, and relevant packing materials) so as to facilitate the transport of printers in the future. If the wide width printer needs to be transferred to the workplace, using original packaging can better protect the printer in the process of printer transport.

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3.When the printer is placed, the printer should be placed on a plane that is horizontal and larger than the printer, and the printer should be kept horizontal and stable without shaking. If the printer is tilted or has a certain Angle, it will affect the normal operation of the printer.


4.The printer must be well connected to the ground wire, grounding requirements and methods: the ground wire should be a single strand of strong mechanical copper wire or winding, at the same time the ground wire and the building lightning rod can not be Shared, the two ends of the line should be welded together. In the case of severe static electricity can be connected to a few more ground wire.

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5.Connect the power supply according to the specified power supply type of the printer.According to different countries and regions, select 110V or 220V ac power supply.We should connect the power cord to a separate power socket, don't share the same with other equipment power socket (especially don't share the same route with high frequency equipment).


6.Do not glue sundries and other paper onto the digital inkjet printer, or it may damage the coating on the surface of the printer. Pay attention to the daily maintenance of the printer, such as timely cleaning dust and other ink stains.